Friday, August 31, 2012

Great smoothies anytime!

    With school and co-op starting back up, as well as trying to grab spare moments here and there, to work on things for my shop, convenient foods are looking more and more appealing.  Or at least they would, if it weren't for the fact that it seems as if you have to make the choice between convenience, and everything else.  Such as, health, price, environmentally sound, and of course, taste!  However, I have found that you can have it all, if you put in a little initial effort. For example, I love smoothies, and they can be a very easy, quick treat if you freeze your fruit in smoothie size portions.
I get big bags of bananas, that are about to be over ripe, cheap, at the grocery store.  A lot of times there are organic bananas in the bag, so not only are you getting cheap bananas, your getting cheap organic bananas.  The only thing is, they have to be used right away.  I peel and break up two bananas per sandwich baggy, and then throw all the little bags in a big freezer bag, and freeze them.  When I want to make a smoothie, I grab a baggy out of the freezer, and I have just the amount I need.  I do this with other fruit too, such as mangoes. 
     So that's one convenient food that is healthy, economical, ecologically sound, and tastes great! 

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