Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist Appreciation/ Picture Study

Mary Cassatt is the artist we are studying for this semester. I got these fun "Art Activity Packs" from Dover Publications, that have stickers, coloring book, and temporary tattoos!  I thought it would make studying art extra fun.  We do an art lesson once a week, and every one gets into it.  The babies were fascinated by the Mary Cassatt prints, and Abriel especially loved the picture of the mother washing her child's feet. She is very into belly buttons.  Samuel's favorite was of a woman sitting on a balcony with a little terrier on her lap.  He loves dogs. 
     I let Anna chose what picture she would like to do her picture study on, and she chose the young woman sewing in the garden.

I was delighted with her observations, since she didn't just describe the facts, (red flowers, white dress, etc.) but described what she thought the woman was feeling.  Anna said she "looked stern, like she was trying to concentrate, but there were children in the garden distracting her."  I loved it!
     I then had Anna draw a picture in the impressionistic style using oil pastels.  The twins drew a picture as well, and we all had a lot of fun.

Here is Anna working industriously.

Samuel was very excited to start drawing!

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