Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trying not to go crazy (but going there anyways)

     The other day we were stocking up on huge giant boxes of diapers at Babies R Us, when my husband says, "Hey, look at that guy with twins!" We see twins all the time; that wasn't the remarkable thing.  What was remarkable was the fact that he was holding one, while the other one toddled obediently behind.  I knew that his twins were about the same age as ours, because I had seen him with his pregnant wife at my OB office when I was pregnant.  (His full beard and yarmulke made him memorable) While we are standing there gaping at him, he finishes checking out, sets down the daughter he was holding, grabs his bags, and then tells her in Hebrew, (which I don't understand, but the meaning was clear) to hold her sister's hand. The girls grab hands, and follow their father obediently out the door. Hubby and I look at each other in shock; our guys would never do that.  It was a revealing and humbling experience.  Obviously, one year old twins can be made to listen and obey, so why don't ours?  I'm working on it, and working, and working, but something isn't working.  Lately Samuel's antics have been driving me more than a little bit batty.  He gets into the markers and colors on himself, then passes them down to Abriel so she can to the same. He gets into the kitchen cabinets and sprays Windex on the floor, then climbs up on the changing table and pulls out all the wipes. He puts toys in the diaper pail, and burrows in the trash. Next he's in another cabinet (all of these have child locks, of course) and sprinkles the floor with oats.  And on and on and on it goes- all day. 
     So when I asked Hubby, what do you think is the Jewish father's secret, he said, "He doesn't have Samuel."   Well, that's encouraging. (note sarcasm)  By the way, the little ornery one pictured above is Abriel, who can also be handful all to herself.  I used to pray for patients; now I pray for wisdom, and think I should add perseverance to the list.

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