Friday, September 3, 2010

The Power of Silly Bandz

                                                                                                 When I first saw silly bandz, I thought they were just that; silly.  Anna loved them, and wanted some desperately, but they just seemed like a waste of money, so I said "no".    Besides, I usually don't like fads for any other reason than that they are fads.  But when I was trying to think of something small I could use for rewards for school, silly bandz seemed like the perfect solution.  And they've worked; better than anything else I have done in the past.  So, maybe they're not so silly after all.   The way our reward system works is that Anna gets one silly band every day that she completes all her school with a good attitude.  The reward is for behavior, not school performance.  I find that if her attitude is right, the school work is a breeze.  I am now personally hoping that the silly bandz fad lasts a while yet! 

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