Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Camping Trip in a Long Time

I haven't posted in a while, due to the fact that I am busy enjoying summer!  We went on our first camping trip with the twins this past weekend.  Well I guess technically they were there the last time we went camping, but since they were conveniently packed in my uterus at the time, that doesn't really count. 
     Everything went smoother than expected, (not that I thought things wouldn't go smooth, but with little ones, you can never tell) so much so, that I think we will be going again soon.

     We spent most of the time taking walks and just hanging around the camp sight.  It was Memorial Day weekend, so the campground was packed.  People watching was quite entertaining.  Some aging hippies next to us befriended the kids and gave them cantaloupe and brownies.   The kids of course loved this, as we didn't bring any sweets except marshmallows; of which they were only allowed a few after supper. 
We tried to not over do it with the junk food, as it is so easy to do that when camping.  Instead, I pre-made most of the food we brought and went with healthier snacks, like pumpkin seeds and hummus.  It took me a lot quicker to recover from this camping trip than it has in the past, and I think this is why. 

We had to get a new tent, as our thee person one just wasn't going to cut it with this family of five.  We ended up getting a ten person tent because it was a good deal.  I though it might be over kill, but the extra tent space ended up being sooo nice.  The kids were able to go in there and hang out and color when they got bored, and you could walk in-between the sleeping bags. 

Anna entertained herself a lot making these little acorn people houses.
    The twins didn't really seem to get bored.  I think just the novelty of it all was enough to entertain them.  Also, they have been really into coloring books lately.  I got then a couple of new ones for the trip, and they would sit on a blanket and color for 30-45 minutes at a time. 

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