Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I've been working on

   I thought I'd share some things I've been working on recently.   I have a big list of things I want to make the kids for Christmas, that I really should be working on, but I find myself getting side tracked a lot.
      This is a crayon roll I made for Anna.  Not exactly an essential item, but I wanted to make one. 
I made the pockets for the block crayons a little too shallow, so that's kind of irritating, but other than that, it turned out pretty good.  Anna picked out the fabric with her favorite colors in it. 

These are the beginning of what will be a whole set of alphabet cards.  I had been admiring this beautiful set of German alphabet card, but being in German, I didn't see the need in getting them.  Then, The Wooden Wagon started carrying similar ones in English.  I was so excited... until I saw the price!  $13.00 for a little pack of cards is just ridiculous.  They were also a lot smaller than I had envisioned.  Sooo... I have started painting my own.  Yes, I am stealing their designs, but oh well.  I might change a few of the animals, such as, I would really like the A to be an alligator instead of an antelope.  I painted these during the kids art time today, and will probably take advantage of this time to paint all of them.  I haven't painted with water colors in awhile, so it was fun getting back in the groove.

     I am making slow but steady progress on the farm play mat.  The end is in sight at least.
I love the way the different colors and textures combine.  Although time consuming, this has been an enjoyable project to work on.  It is so mindless that I can watch a movie while working on it, or just zone out with it.  It's rather therapeutic.

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