Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spider Hunting

I have gone on the offensive in regards to getting rid of the Black Widows around my property.  I don't like using insecticide sprays, but I also don't like the idea of one of my children getting bitten by North America's most poisonous spider.  So today, I sprayed every single cob web in my rock garden, and sure enough, every single one contained a Black Widow. 
I killed EIGHT just today, and I am now wondering if this is a problem I can take care of. 
Even the small webs that I felt sure didn't belong to a Widow; sure enough, after a few minutes one came crawling out. 
All these pictures were of course taken when they were dead, as I certainly wasn't concerned about getting a picture when they were alive!    I think Dave believes I am either exaggerating the problem, or that there isn't a problem; since he asked me the other day if I was sure I was really killing Black Widows, as, "You know that there are other spiders with red spots."  Well now I have picture proof.  I also know more about Black Widows (their webs, egg sacks, habits, habitation, etc.) than I ever would have if we didn't have so many of them.

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