Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silly faces and strong wills

     Samuel has just started to draw faces, as oppose to his usual waterfall and rock pictures.  I love the special way that each little child starts to draw faces. 
    Samuel's faces have big eyes with pupils and one eye is always bigger than the other.  His faces also have whiskers, which I think is funny.  This morning, Samuel presented me with a face he had drawn, complete with whiskers, and what appeared to be a black eye.  He looks at me with a face beaming with pride, and says, "I draw you a picture, Mommy. It's you!" 
 "Oh... wow... thanks, I guess."  Vanity has prevented me from showing that one here.
     Samuel and Abriel have started to show an interest in writing their names.  I taught Anna to write her name when she was about this age, but I haven't worked with the twins.  However, Abriel picked up on her own (Or maybe Anna taught her) how to draw an "A", so now she signs her pictures, "AtAtAtAtAtAtAt", except it's upside down. She is very proud of her new signature.  Samuel wants to write his name, but is afraid to try, so he asks me to. He wants me to, "Draw me Sam with those tiny snakes." The snake being the "S" in his name. When I ask him if he wants to try it, he very carefully draws a strait line, then says, "That's a one.  I draw Sam with a one."  This is very revealing of his personality.  He wont attempt to do something that he might fail at, (as in drawing on an S) but in lieu of that, he does what he knows he can do well, and just says that's the right way. So a 1 becomes the way he writes his name. 

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