Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

     I've never done anything for May day before, but this year I thought it would be fun to do a little something special for the the kids.  After all, just being May is a wonderful reason to celebrate. 
First I made the kids a special breakfast.  A soft boiled egg, yogurt with blueberries, and buttered toast.  I would have made Dave some too, but for some reason he doesn't like any of the above.  Who doesn't like blueberries?

It takes a little practice eating an egg out of an egg cup, but even the little guys are getting the hang of it. 

After breakfast we went to the park till it started to get hot, then we went to the store and let the kids each pick out their own May Day flower.  Only Samuel could look this excited over a flower.

     Of course, even if you are only moving your flower five feet, you'll need to have it in your wheelbarrow.
     Then you'll need to make sure it's all cozy in it's new bed.      Happy May Day!
     Now, for something that happened today that was completely unrelated to May day.  A couple of nights ago I had a very real seeming, and slightly disturbing dream.  A Black Widow spider had gotten into our house, and I was trying to squish it with a jar or something not ideal for squishing insects. I couldn't quite get to it because it was in a corner, and while I was trying to kill it, it bit me. 
     I'm not prone to arachnophobia, and there is probable reason I had a dream about a Black Widow.  For some reason Black Widows like my rock garden; I found and killed five there last year.  Since the weather has gotten warm, I've been on the look out for their webs when I've been working out in my garden, but I've never had one in my house... until today.    Anna spotted it in the kitchen above the fridge, so not the easiest place to reach.  Without really thinking it through, I was about to grab the first available thing (a jar!) and climb on the counter and try to reach over and smash it.  Then I remembered my dream, and thought, "On second thought, let me go get the bug spray."  I thought the whole thing was rather odd.  Was my dream a warning?  All the Widows I've killed outside were under rocks and had probably been sleeping, so they were rather sluggish, but this one was quick and alert.  I wonder if I had gone ahead with my first plan, if I would have been bitten?  Very strange.

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  1. Wow, that spider story was really cool! lol, that was definitely a warning! :>