Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give Thanks

     This year I decided to do a little something to prepare for Thanksgiving, so I made a "thankful tree". 
Every day the kids and I write something that we are thankful for that day on a leaf. 

I am finding that it's even helpful for me to think about what I am thankful for, and to focus on that.  It's so easy when you're having a bad day, to just get stuck in that moment.  This helps me take a moment to stop and think, "I just spent all day cleaning house, and I am really tired, but I am thankful that I now have a clean house."  The kids are really enjoying it too, and have had no trouble in thinking of things they are thankful for.

     It was really easy to make. I had some brown packing paper that I had gotten with a package, (free is good) so I used that to make the tree part.  I divided it into three sections, and braided the first part to form the trunk.  In order to make the limbs branch out more, I ripped the paper long-wise to divide the main limbs.  I then tried to tape the tree to the wall, but that did not work out at all.  The tree was too heavy, and it kept falling down.  So I got out my staple gun, and stapled it to the wall.  The kids were a little shocked, because it seemed so permanent, but really, the little holes from the staples will be easy to fix, and the tape might have left a residue or ripped off the paint.
     For the leaves, I found a template on-line and used different colors of construction paper.  The leaves are taped on, but only with scotch tape. 

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