Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jesse Tree Ornaments Days 11-15

       The ornaments for days 11-15 are finished! 

Day 11: King David
     I was going to do a basic forked branch slingshot, but Anna informed me that they didn't have those types of slingshots back then.  Yes, she is my child.  So I had to make a historically accurate one.  Samuel tested it out a few times before I sewed the bead on, and yes, it really does work. 

Day 12: Josiah finds the Law
     I tried to make this one a little different than all the other scroll ornaments out there.  I liked the idea of having a little bit of Hebrew writing on it, so I just googled "Hebrew font", and printed out an image I liked.  I have no idea what it says.
Day 13: The Stump of Jesse
     This is the symbol that the Jesse tree gets it's name from.  The new shoot coming out of the stump of Jesse.  I used a real branch for the stump, and a copper wire for the shoot, with a felt leaf glued on.

 Day 14: Lion Laying Down with a Lamb
      Since there are three sheep ornaments in the Jesse Tree, I wanted this one to be very different from the other sheep.  These are two dimensional wood cutouts glued together, with minimal painting.  The effect is peaceful and simple.
Day 15: Prince of Peace
     This one was a little more time consuming than the others to make, but I really like it.  I used a picture of a dove that someone had for sale on Etsy, as inspiration.  I didn't do as much embroidery and I added the crown.  I really like making little stuffed felt birds.  I've made a cardinal and a duck that were very similar to this, before.

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