Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things That Leave You Asking, Why?

    Samuel is non-standard.  He often comes up with things that leave me shaking my head.  This is one of those things.  He wrote a story today about a cat. (That's nice.) Who was evil and had to die. (Not so nice.) 
     Translated, it reads: A cat was a tricky cat. And it killed people.  It even called people stupid.  And the owner took the tricky cat and killed it.  And got a good cat.  And it did everything the owner said.
    I find it funny that calling people stupid seems to be a little worse than killing people.  We are not allowed to call people stupid.  It is one of our household "bad" words, so maybe in his mind that was the worst thing a cat could do, if a cat could talk, that is.
    We have recently read The Fire Cat , which deals with a mean cat who changes his ways, and becomes a hero, so I was hoping for a story of remorse and reformation; but no.  It was bad and had to die, the end.  At least the owner got an obedient cat afterwards. 

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