Monday, November 2, 2015


     This year for Halloween we did something different from our usual.  We went up to my sister's, and spent the day with her and my brother's families.  Even with her two oldest out of town, it was still a crowd of young'uns. 
     One house we went up to seemed a little stunned at the amount of children invading their doorstep.  When my sister said, "They're all cousins!" she looked down right horrified.  She said, "I can't imagine how Christmas is."  I love it.  Yeah, having all the little ones means it gets pretty crazy, but it's a good crazy.
     This year Abriel and Samuel were Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. 
      I love that they went for a theme again this year.  I thought for sure they had said goodbye to coordinating outfits last year.  
     Anna was an owl.  The wings turned out exactly the way I wanted them to.  It was worth the effort spent on sewing all those "feathers". 
     The great thing about Trick or Treating at Sarah's is that she lives right in the middle of a charming little town, so we didn't have to drive any where, and also got to peak into some beautiful historic homes. 
     It had been cloudy all day, so we went out a little on the early side, hoping to avoid a possible shower, but when we were about 3/4 of a mile down the road, it started raining.  Sarah pulled out her phone to check the weather, and the radar showed that it was going to start pouring down on us, so we started heading back as quick as we could.  After a while she looked at the radar again, and it showed that it should have been raining on us right then, but it wasn't.  We could see the rain all around, but it wasn't raining right where we were.  We all managed to make it back to her house dry, where we had chili and pumpkin muffins waiting for us.

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