Friday, November 13, 2015

Jesse Tree Ornaments Days 6-10

     So far I'm staying on track with my goal of getting all five of my Jesse Tree ornaments finished before December.  I now have the next five ornament completed, and ready to show here!

Day 6:  Jacobs Ladder
     This is a very simple symbol, and there's only so much you can do with it.  I took advantage of that fact, and let Samuel and Abriel help with making it. It's basically twigs glued together with some string added for interest. 
Day 7: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
     This one took more time than I was originally going to spend on it.  I had thought I would just make a felt cut-out of a coat, and embroider some colors on it, but Samuel told me that would not be right, and it needed to be an actual little coat.  So that is what I made.  Samuel still thought it could have been a little more colorful, but oh well. There was only so many strips of felt I was willing to sew on it.
Day 8: Ten Commandments
This one was really quick and easy.  It's just sculpy with roman numerals marked on it.
Day 9: The Promised Land.
     I have never made any jewelry before, so I didn't know what kind of wire would work best for this type of project.  I got some that was relatively thick, since I wanted it to hold it's shape.  It turns out that I shouldn't have worried about it not holding it's shape.  This is some really tough wire.  I also realized that pliers would have been really helpful.  It took everything I had to bend and twist it into shape, but the end result was worth it.  The amethyst beads are perfect for the cluster of grapes.  I was also able to use the wire to make a little hanger for Joseph's coat.
Day 10: Ruth and Boaz.
     I really wanted to use wheat stalks for this one, like I have seen so many other people use.  Unfortunately, the only wheat I could find was through online dealers, and it seemed silly to buy sixty stalks of wheat for one little ornament.  Then I thought I would look for some grass with the seed heads still attached in my yard.  I couldn't find any of that either, so I gave up and did something different.  I like it ok, and I learned a new embroidery stitch.  The wheatear stitch.   

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